Podcasts to Expand Your Cybersecurity Awareness

It’s beneficial in making your transition to a cybersecurity career to become a student of the game. Have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in cybersecurity current events. There is plenty of cybersecurity news out there. You just have to know where to look. (Hint: Most cybersecurity incidents aren’t in the New York Times or Wall Street Journal.)

I recommend subscribing to the following podcasts to stay informed.

The CyberWire Daily

CyberWire is one of the best daily sources to stay abreast of what is happening in cybersecurity. On weekdays they manage to cover a lot of material in a digestible 25-minutes segment. They discuss the latest vulnerabilities, breaches, malware, and threat actors. It’s like having your own cyber threat intelligence feed.

They have interviews with industry practitioners, which provide more insight than most career changers would generally have access to. As well, CyberWire’s “Research Saturdays” take a deep dive into a single cyber subject. Listen to a few of the most recent CyberWire Daily episodes ahead of your cybersecurity interview and you’ll sound like someone who’s plugged in to what’s happening.

CISO Security Vendor Relationship Podcast

The hosts of this verbosely-named podcast, David Spark and Mike Johnson—CISO of Fastly and former CISO of Lyft—interview a different CISO every week. This offers great insights from a wide variety of senior leaders in information security. You can learn more about their career paths (many of which were not a straight line) and how they view recruiting and talent development.

This is the podcast that the hiring manager for your next interview should probably be listening to. It will provide you with a lot of exposure to how senior leaders view cybersecurity challenges and provide you with the industry language in which to discuss it.

CSO Perspectives

CyberWire’s Rick Howard—former CSO of Palo Alto Networks—hosts this premium podcast on cybersecurity senior leaders' perspectives. While this podcast is typically a paid service as part of CyberWire Pro platform, they are now offering free access to encore episodes from previous seasons to entice new subscribers. You may recall I highly recommended the Cybersecurity First Principles: Intrusion kill chains episode of CSO Perspectives a couple weeks ago. Rick is a very smart, thoughtful guy, who I really enjoy. Check it out.


While Pivot is a tech business podcast, rather than a cyber-specific podcast, its hosts journalist Kara Swisher and Professor Scott Galloway discuss a number of topics cybersecurity professionals should be aware of: privacy, the future of technology, in societal impact of Big Tech, and the geopolitics of cyberattacks.

Kara and Scott interview notable big names in technology, government, and business. Entertaining and occasionally profanity laden, Pivot’s twice-weekly podcasts are a good way to round out your industry-related podcast listening.

The wonderful thing about podcasts is that they allow you to catch on topics of interest while doing other things. Figure out when it works for you and start immersing yourself in cybersecurity current events. You’ll sound like an informed professional, when you get to your interviews.

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