Plotting Your Cybersecurity Career Path

Cyber Seek's Career Pathway

We talk a lot about pursuing your first cybersecurity job, but what comes after that? Cyber Seek is a usual tool for plotting out the first few hops of your cybersecurity career. Cyber Seek’s interactive Career Pathway displays a succession of potential cybersecurity jobs. It starts with Feeder Roles, then progresses to Entry-Level, Mid-Level, then Advanced-Level roles.

You can plot your career either forwards or backwards. Start with the Feeder Roles and chart your path to an Advanced-Level role or start your desired Advanced-Levels roles and backwards plan your potential paths to it.

For any role you select on the interactive pathway, Cyber Seek provides an interactive table of useful information like average salary, total job openings, common job titles, common NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework categories, requested education, top certifications requested, and top skills requested. This information can be helpful for those pursuing cybersecurity careers. It can help you determine what roles your background would fit best with. It can also inform you what skills or certifications you should obtain to land your cybersecurity role of choice.

When you’re planning your entry into cybersecurity, finding helpful information can be a challenge. Add this resource to your toolkit. After all, information is power… especially when planning your career.