Life is Short, Take a Chance and Bet on Yourself

By one estimate the average American will spend 109,980 hours at work in their lifetime. That’s one third of your life.This is a number that I think about, when I hear people talking themselves out of pursuing new opportunities. Not that we should all quit our careers and pursue passion projects, like opening a pottery center. (Admittedly, that’s pretty amazing, if you build a first-class business in pottery.)

We should all pursue opportunities, for which we have the underlying skills to be good at, which provide us with a sense of professional fulfillment and opportunity for economic advancement. Then we should invest the time to get really good at it.

Personally, I think cybersecurity provides that sort of opportunity. That’s why I write this newsletter for people seeking to join the industry. However, this recommendation holds true for any industry. Find something that matches your skills, provides some fulfillment and economic security. Then go after it! Don’t succumb to the excuses that can plague us all.

In the 2020s there is no 40-year job out there with a pension and a gold watch waiting for you. Keeping your head down, putting your time in, and waiting for someone to notice you is a recipe to continually see people advance ahead of you.

Five years from now, you’re going to be five years older... regardless of whether you invest in yourself and pursue fulfilling opportunities. Living your best life includes your work life. Make a bet on yourself and pursue those opportunities that will lead to your advancement (whatever “advancement” means to you).

We all have the potential for greatness.

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