Follow Cybersecurity Leaders on LinkedIn

Social media offers a great opportunity for aspiring cybersecurity professionals. It provides a chance for you to learn from cybersecurity leaders, who you don’t personally know. On LinkedIn—the social media platform of professionals—you can “follow” people, who you don’t know, which is huge!

Follow Cyber Leaders

It means that you can follow cybersecurity thought leaders, CISOs, cyber CEOs, heads of government agencies, etc. and receive the same updates that they send to their professional network. While many leaders are also on Twitter, you’re more likely to find engaging professional content on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides some simple instructions on how to follow people (as opposed to connect with them) here. This does not require the LinkedIn member to accept your request, the same was a connection request does. As we know, sending connection requests to people you don’t know is frowned upon on LinkedIn.

Who To Follow

Now that you know you can follow cybersecurity leaders, who should you follow? Fortunately, at least a few websites have attempted to answer this question.

As you utilize LinkedIn as part of your networking strategy, having posts from these cybersecurity leaders in your newsfeed will provide you with a wealth of material to like, comment on, and repost.

LinkedIn is a tool. If you use it correctly, you can increase your visibility and help attract your first cybersecurity role.

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